Photo frame mounts

Hang photos, certificates, and other frameable items with confidence using our clever installation mechanisms that ensure your frames will stay securely hung even in the days to come. Our offered photo frame attachments are not only suitable for hanging frames but also for wall clocks, paintings, or other wall-mountable items. Our solutions are designed for multiple uses – they are easy to apply, remove, and leave no trace behind. We offer products manufactured by 3M, a trusted brand.



Our offer


For convenient and easy frame installation on walls, we have the “Command” brand hooks available in various options:


Our photo frame attachments in the offer will simplify the process of hanging frames and other items. Installation is easy, and it won’t damage the surface you want to attach the frame to.

Explore our selection in our online store. For any inquiries or questions, feel free to contact our sales representatives by writing to or calling (+371) 67 551 831. We will be happy to help you choose the most suitable photo frame attachments for your needs.

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