Packaging paper

Choose a solution that is sustainable, cost-effective, and versatile. Packaging paper is lightweight yet strong enough to protect goods during transportation and storage in the warehouse. It can be used for product packaging, wrapping, or bag production. Packaging paper is recyclable and therefore an environmentally friendly option.


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Brown kraft paper

Available in rolls and sheets. A versatile paper made from cellulose, used for making paper bags, packaging production, and wrapping goods, depending on the weight.


White kraft paper

Available in sheets. Strong and flexible paper used for making paper bags and packaging goods.


Parchment paper

Due to its properties – grease and moisture resistance – widely used for packaging fatty and moist foods or as a barrier layer between the product and the packaging.


Wrapping paper

A versatile paper used for both food and other products to protect them from external influences, create a pleasant visual effect, and make the product easier to handle. Available in brown with and without printing.


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