Packaging labeling for food products


Have you looked at the information found on the packaging of your favourite products?

Nutritional and health claims on food product packaging are not uncommon. These labels help consumers better understand the quality of the products and their potential beneficial effects on health. However, it’s important for these claims to be accurate and scientifically supported.

Nutritional claims indirectly suggest or directly indicate that the food product has particularly beneficial nutritional properties. For example, “Source of Calcium,” “Low in Fats,” “Sugar-Free,” or “Gluten-Free.”

Health claims directly or indirectly indicate the positive impact of the product on health. For example, “Vitamin C boosts immunity,” “Calcium is necessary for normal growth and development of children’s bones,” or “Omega-3 improves heart and vascular health, brain function.”

It’s crucial that any such claims are supported by scientific evidence and comply with European Union legislation. Otherwise, it’s misleading to consumers!

The material from which the packaging is made must also be certified for packaging and storing the product, so that no chemical substances are released during storage, or the packaging doesn’t leave residues or separations on the actual product.

The State Scientific Institute “BIOR”, representing Latvia, has developed a comprehensive guide on this topic. This guide contains useful information that might interest you as food manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, or as consumers.

For more information on food product labelling, read here (text in Latvian): https://lnkd.in/dAZge8aK

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