Choose our Logistics Solution for the Printing Industry!

🚚 POLAP: Transforming Print Industry Logistics! 🚚


At POLAP, we go beyond supplying paper and printing materials. We’re dedicated to seeking innovative solutions that streamline our clients’ operations and enhance efficiency. We’re excited to introduce a brand-new service that simplifies transportation coordination among various players in the print industry.


🌐 What’s It About? Whether you’re a printing house aiming to reduce transportation costs, increase efficiency, or minimize CO2 footprint, or if you’re relying on outsourcing from other print industry companies, we’re here to help with logistics and incorporate your product transportation into our delivery routes.


🚛 How Does It Work?


1. Apply for the service (using the Track-pod logistics program) by the previous day before 3:00 PM. We’ll fit your request into our delivery schedule.
2. The logistics service is available only if we have a scheduled goods delivery to you.
3. We understand the importance of costs. Depending on how easily we can include this service in our existing delivery route, we might even offer free product transportation (as it’s along our way!), or for regular users, we provide competitive transportation service rates.
4. CO2 Reduction and Sustainability: By combining transportation needs within the print industry, we collectively decrease CO2 emissions and promote a greener, more sustainable environment.
5. Track Your Delivery: Stay informed about your delivery status using the Track-Pod app. Pinpoint your product’s location and know when it will reach its destination.


💬 Ready to Get Started?
Reach out to our team to discuss your transportation needs and allow us to assist you in achieving efficiency, savings, and sustainability.
POLAP goes beyond just product delivery – we deliver solutions. Together, let’s transform the print industry for the better and greener future! 🌱🚚📦


Note: Goods must be properly packaged to ensure secure transportation. POLAP does not assume responsibility for damages incurred during transportation if the transported load has not been adequately packaged. Service pricing and availability may vary depending on delivery schedules and integration into existing routes. Contact us for detailed information.