Get high-resolution text and image printing using KODAK plates, which you will find in our assortment. With these plates, you can print newspapers, glossy magazines, books, flyers, labels, and other textual and visual materials. Our offering includes plates suitable for (Heatset/Coldset) offset printing or flexography.



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KODAK Electra Max

ELECTRA MAX is a high-performance plate that ensures long service life, maximum resolution, and fast image formation. With these plates, you can enjoy all the benefits of UV printing without compromising performance. KODAK ELECTRA MAX plates were specifically designed for long-lasting performance. For a more detailed description, click here.


KODAK Sonora Xtra

SONORA XTRA revolutionizes printing with all the advantages of process-free plate making, along with faster image formation, better image contrast, and enhanced durability. SONORA XTRA process-free plates overcome the limitations of other process-free plates. These plates can be used for Heatset and Coldset offset printing. For a more detailed description, click here.


KODAK Flexcel

FLEXCEL is a versatile flexographic plate designed for high-quality printing on various materials. KODAK flexographic plates are engineered to deliver precise color transfer and excellent image quality. This is achieved through high-quality materials and modern technologies used in their production.


By choosing our plates from our stock, you not only get high-quality products but also the professional support and advice from our team. We strive to provide you with information about all the products we sell, so you can choose the most suitable solution for your specific printing needs.


Check out the offer in our e-commerce store. Contact our sales representatives to inquire about purchasing and registration by emailing or calling (+371) 67 620 871. We will assist you in finding the most suitable plates for your needs.

You can view the plate packaging in our “Packaging and Labels” section.

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