Offset rubber

Ensure that your offset printing machine is equipped with the most suitable offset rubber blankets from our offering – proven long-lasting performance, excellent image transfer capabilities, and achieving outstanding results. Offset rubber blankets are multi-layer materials that take on ink from the printing plate during the printing process and transfer it to the printing material. They allow for a wide range of printable materials, as different thicknesses and textures can be used. And they also increase the durability of the printing plate, as the printing elements and the surface of the printed material do not come into direct contact during the printing process. The print quality in offset printing greatly depends on the correct choice of raw materials, including offset rubber blankets.



Offset rubber blankets are divided into 5 groups:
  1. Based on the number of fabric layers – three-ply, four-ply, five-ply.
  2. Based on the structure – with a compressible layer, without a compressible layer.
  3. Based on the surface of the top layer – smooth surface, unground.
  4. Based on the hardness – soft, semi-hard, hard.
  5. Based on the type of print job – for halftone work, text and illustration work, text work.


Our offer


We provide offset rubber blankets according to:
  1. The material on which printing is required.
  2. The offset printing machine used for offset printing.


You can find our offering in our e-commerce store. For more information about offset rubber blankets, please contact our sales representatives at or call (+371) 67 620 871. We will help you find answers to your questions and select the most suitable offset rubber blankets for your needs.

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