Take care of all your material bonding needs with the available adhesives from our offering. In the printing industry, four types of adhesives are used – polyurethane adhesive, dispersion adhesive, hot glue, and animal-based adhesive. In the POLAP product range, you can find all of these adhesives that can be used for bookbinding, perfect binding, cardboard, laminated materials, UV-coated surfaces, and other product and material bonding needs.



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Polyurethane adhesive:

Used in the production of books, magazines, brochures, handbooks, and similar products. The use of this adhesive significantly reduces production costs as it eliminates the need for sewing to bind the sheets. The adhesive is resistant even to rapid temperature changes.


Dispersion adhesive:

This adhesive is used for cardboard packaging, books, brochures, souvenirs, and promotional products. It can also be used for bonding laminated materials and surfaces coated with UV lacquer. One drawback of this adhesive is that its polymer colloid structure is destroyed when the temperature drops, causing the composition to become uneven and appear lumpy.


Hot glue:

It is resistant to temperature fluctuations, but when working with it, temperature control is important because overheating increases its viscosity, leading to oxidation and acquiring a yellowish color. Hot glue is used for perfect binding of books and brochures, as well as for cardboard packaging.


Animal-based adhesive:

The main feature of this type of adhesive is that it is non-toxic and easily biodegradable, making it suitable for bookbinding cover manufacturing. The crucial factor is the temperature, which should be between 60-65 °C. If insufficient heat is applied, the adhesive loses its sticky properties and becomes more viscous. Overheating is indicated by an unpleasant smell.


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