Transform your print projects with our selection of foils designed to add elegance and sophistication to your designs. Foil will elevate your product, making it stand out against the background of other products. You can use it for visual presentation, insulation, or packaging purposes. In Latvia, POLAP represents one of the leading foil manufacturers, Leonhard KURZ foils, available for both hot foil stamping and cold foil applications.



Our offer


Luxor / Alufin

Metalized foils in gold, silver, and various colors, available in glossy and matte finishes. This collection stands out for its color diversity, versatile coating properties, and a wide range of foil series suitable for different substrates.



Pigment foils in various colors, widely used in the printing industry for different binding materials and product labeling.


Light Line

A collection of foils with three-level effects and a captivating color spectrum. The foils feature endlessly intricate diffractive motifs based on interesting geometric shapes.



Transparent foil with an exceptionally high gloss that surpasses traditional coatings by one degree. When combined with embossing, it creates a depth effect and excellent color representation. The wide range of colors and series allows achieving outstanding results.


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