Corrugated cardboard products

Solution for packaging, suitable for the majority of your product transportation needs from point A to point B. Can be used together with void fillers found with other packaging options to ensure absolute protection of the product from external impacts during transportation. Corrugated cardboard products are also suitable for storing your products. An environmentally-friendly solution, as it is fully recyclable and biodegradable. You can also print on it for your marketing purposes.



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Corrugated cardboard boxes

Available in various sizes and for different purposes:


Transport packaging

Classic box that requires sealing the top and bottom with adhesive tape. Insulating and durable, ideal for the safe transportation of various goods.


Packing box

Quickly foldable with the bottom and top already sealed with adhesive tape. For the convenience of the recipient, an opening tape is embedded. FSC certified.


Shipping box

Suitable for postal shipments and parcel machines. Thanks to its design, the box can be folded to the required height, adapting to the size of the item. The corrugated cardboard structure protects the goods from pressure and impacts, delivering them to their destination in perfect condition.


Corrugated cardboard sheets

A versatile corrugated cardboard material that can be used as an intermediate layer between items or as a protective layer on pallets. In the printing industry, it is used as a base material for adhesion and final product production. Easily cut and foldable.


Corrugated cardboard pallets

Lightweight, durable, cost-effective, 100% recyclable, and environmentally friendly logistics solution. Perhaps the best, yet still underestimated alternative to deforestation and the rising cost of wood materials.


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