Obtain top-quality print results with our range of printing chemicals suitable for all types of printing needs, whether you use commercial printers, are a graphic designer, or wish to achieve high-quality prints at home. We represent the largest and most popular manufacturers of printing chemicals, offering tried-and-tested products of excellent quality and efficiency at affordable prices, available directly from our suppliers. Our selection is extensive, providing a wide variety of products to choose from for your specific needs. It is crucial to know the type of chemical required for your particular purpose to avoid damaging the equipment and achieve the desired results. In our offering, you will find everything you need for your printing needs.



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Usage of cleaning agents*:
  1. Do not use volatile washing agents with a vapor ignition temperature of up to 21°C.
  2. Washing agents with a flashpoint temperature between 21 and 55°C are not recommended for use in printing machines produced after 1995.
  3. Washing agents with a flashpoint temperature between 55 and 100°C can be used in both old and new generation printing machines.
  4. For old and new generation printing machines, it is recommended to use washing agents based on plant and mineral bases without danger class and a flashpoint temperature above 100°C. To maintain the technological properties of damping rollers and offset rubbers, special agents must be used.

* – The basic rules for cleaning agents are developed in accordance with the agreement between printing equipment and paper manufacturers.


The correct choice of cleaning agent ensures:
  1. A reduction in downtime by approximately 50%.
  2. The possibility to increase printing speed by 10-15%.
  3. A decrease in paper consumption by 30-40%.
  4. An increase in the service life of offset rubbers and colored rollers by 30-40%.
  5. Overall improvement in print product quality.


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