Webinar on sustainable packaging and pollution reduction


22 February, at 10:30, a webinar organised by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) will take place on the Zoom platform. How to implement future settings for the regulation of packaging and packaging waste, and other issues related to packaging and sustainability.


The webinar will be held in English. To take part, you need to register in advance here:


Webinar programme:

10:30 – Welcome by Nerida Kelton, World Packaging Organisation
10:32 – Introduction to CSRD: Unveiling General Requirements and
Objectives by Johanna Mayer, Unfold
10:40 – Navigating the Landscape: General Requirements of PPWR with a
Focus on Packaging Minimisation by Lina Wimmer, Circular Analytics
10:48 – Sustainable Packaging Design: Exploring Impacts on Packaging
Design and Sustainability Indicators by Manfred Tacker, Circular
10:56 – Streamlining the Process: Conceptualizing a Cradle-to-Gate LCA
for Packaging by Manfred Tacker, Circular Analytics
11:04 – A Roadmap to Compliance: Guidance on ensuring fitness for PPWR
and CSRD by Charlotte Werner, Circular Analytics
11:12 – Q&A
11:30 – Closing words by Nerida Kelton, WPO


To keep the public up-to-date with the latest developments in the packaging industry, the WPO held a seminar on “Global Packaging Trends”, which you can find here:


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